Style JM (Jeanne de Meulengraaf) is the interior decorator in the fields of eclectic, vintage homes and modern hotel interiors. She is the interior designer of City Apartments, Soul Suites Antwerp. Below you will find (in Dutch) a number of publications of her interior designs.

De Limburger 2017Guts, humor and daring contrasts

De Limburger 2017

A sixth sense for discovering beautiful design


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Stijlvol wonen okt-nov 2017Stijlvol Wonen

Stijlvol wonen okt-nov 2017

Eclectic and bohemian

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marie-claire-09-2014Antwerp sleeping| Soul loft

Marie Claire september 2014

Why sleep in a hotel when you can have an entire loft?


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feeling-08-2014The loft where everything is just right

Feeling augustus 2014

Every Friday, interiordesigner Jeanne van de Meulengraaf changes her home in Eindhoven for her loft in Antwerp. Filled with vintage from the 60’s, new design and finds from Antwerp.

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zin-07-08-2014My father used to say: it is what it is

Zin juli-augustus 2014

He was right. I’m an interiordesigner and stylist since 1990

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stilvoll-wohnen-juni-juli-2013Vintage Loft

Stilvoll Wohnen juni-juli 2013

Im Südwesten der flämischen Stadt Antwerpen sind in dem ehemaligen Hafengebiet viele Fabriken und Lagerhäuser in den letzten Jahren zu Lofts und Apartments umgewandelt worden.

In het southwest of Antwerpen many former factories and warehouses are transformed into lofts en apartments.

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actief-wonen-november-2012-1Playing with space

Actief Wonen november 2012

While decorating her second home, she choose eclectic: a mix of vintage, new design and flea market findings

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elle-indepersrightA temporary home

Elle Decoration juni 2012

Just across the Dutch border, but a completely different country. Antwerp is ideal for a citytrip. Especially when renting a studio apartment, preferably a Soul Studio apartment.

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SoulSuites en Soulshow Studio’s on Begium tv show Huizenjacht

viva-maart-2012A second home from home

Viva maart 2012

Interiordesigner and stylist Jeanne van de Meulengraaf lives in Eindhoven, but she spends the weekends with her partner Suus in their second home from home: a loft in Antwerp.
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actief-wonen-10-2010A little bit of soul

Actief Wonen oktober 2010

While visiting Antwerp, you can book an original new boarding at Soul Suites: chocolate brown walls, vintage design, exotic objects create a warm and hospitable setting.
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stijlvol-wonen-maart-april-2010Love for diversity and individuality

Stijlvol Wonen maart-april 2010

Jeanne van de Meulengraaf lives with her husband Suus Willemse in a 1935’s mansion in Eindhoven. The decor is a mix of modern design, vintage furniture and hypermodern gadgets. A suprising interior to go with a surprising woman.

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nouveau-april-2008Just a bit different

Nouveau april 2008

Once a decorator, now a genuine interior specialist, always searching for beautiful design and just the right accessories.

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actief-wonen-nov-2006Arts & Crafts in Antwerp

Actief Wonen november 2006

An unusual weekend apartment in the arts-and-crafts houses of Antwerp.

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