About JM-Style



The World is my inspiration; fashion -and streetscape, architecture and visual arts etc. I am always aware of my surroundings and I spend time searching for beautiful and unusual things, I have an inherent affection for taking photos of the things that capture my attention … inspiration can be found in the simplest things.


Classic furniture and accessories together with new colors are getting a new life in a fresh new interior. A combination from vintage furniture, timeless classics en new contemporary design is one of the best developments of recent years.


Mixing the old with the new, raw surfaces with glossy materials, create while carefully balancing traditional elements with the simplicity of modernism, so that they blend effortlessly.


When designing and creating, I treasure client input, I always aim to create a homely atmosphere while designing or restyling an interior.

Jeanne de Meulengraaf works mainly from Eindhoven and Antwerp, but also works on home styling and styling of office buildings, shops, hotels and shops abroad.